Trailerville in the Woods

After a series of changes I bought a little trailer and my friends graciously let me live there for 9 years. Living close to Lime Saddle Marina was great because I worked there off and on. I had moved to Paradise in 1975 so I was in Love with the area. November 8, 2018 I

Camp Fire Survivor – a poem

Camp Fire Survivor Last summer I made plans to retire, To enjoy the beauty of my home in Magalia. Without warning it came, that ravenous fire. Within three months, unknowing of it's path and desire, I left my home with my pets, On an escape route that took me higher. Local radio news said Paradise


Mechanical. That is the way I can explain life post Camp Fire. Since November 8, 2018 I have been going about the business of life. Commuting to work and back. Doing my job as always both at home and at work. Eating. Sleeping. Making decisions. Searching for the miniscule pieces to pick up, to move


I was already on my way to work in Roseville when I heard about a small grass fire near Concow on the radio news.  It started out at about 10 acres but grew to about 100 acres by the time I got to work, around 7:30 AM.  Then my son called me at work around

It was surreal

Al's morning ritual is to get the newspaper at 7:15am, have a cup of coffee and then shower and shave. November 8th didn't begin that way. He was surprised that we had electricity based on robo-calls, emails, and TV reports. He went outside to get the paper and hurried back in saying he saw flames.


First day in along time I took a day off of work, and my Husband was in Sacramento working that day. It was just him and I and 1 dog and 5 cats. I was already at 7:30am running around town getting errands done. As I look to the sky noticing a red glow and

Paradise survivor

  Rushed out of Paradise like everyone else on the 8th. Thru drone pictures and property check, realized that my mobile home survived, although 90% of park destroyed! Went to various govt. agencies for help. SADLY lots of misinformation, but kept at it and achieved what was available. Also had insurance. Received initial help okay,

My house My home My love

A poem from my 12-year-old daughter. My house My home My love Once upon a silver day anything was a breath away then come next morn when sky's turned red when all I wished was to rest my head I was forced to wake then forced to run from my home my house was done

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