First day in along time I took a day off of work, and my Husband was in Sacramento working that day. It was just him and I and 1 dog and 5 cats. I was already at 7:30am running around town getting errands done. As I look to the sky noticing a red glow and then sky becoming dark instead of light I knew something was not right ( but what was it ? ). Within an hour or so I was getting warnings on my phone, family was calling, my Husband was calling and worried and trying to get home as fast as he could. I had just enough time to get our 1 dog and 3 cats in the car. I had to leave behind 2 cats hoping they survive (which we never imagined would really happen). I left my home and tried to get up Clark Rd. to get my 78 year old Mother who does not drive. You were not aloud to go up any further so I had to only hold Hope that someone saves my Mom. From there I slowly drove my way down Skyway as I was crying I thought out of my mind and trying to stay calm. As I sit and slowly wait to get down the hill my sister calls to say my Mothers neighbors got my Mom out but they were stuck at the church while the flames surrounded them.
After the most unimaginable event in all our lives, we made it out safe. My mom made it out. We were able to get back in earlier to save one of our Cats that had very burned paws, and thanks to Valley Oaks Vet she is healed and well. Never found our last Cat (but will not give up hope ).  Of coarse our Home did not survive, my job was also burned down and my Moms home is gone.
Even though life has given us a curve ball, we are all survivors not victims (those who lost their lives are victims). I am grateful for such a amazing and strong Husband to get us through it all. I am not a materialistic person (I will just miss having my children’s things from when they were young) so I am able to move on and just be Grateful. I will just mostly miss the Beauty that Paradise held and the Wildlife. But as we all know Nature comes back in Mysterious ways.