I’ve arrived at Murphy NC now, staying at an air B and B rental cabin here.  It’s the first chapter in a new adventure to have moved across the US at 66 , disabled and knowing NO one here where I’ve moved.  Now to find a new long term home – fingers crossed !

I did bring my Bichon Frise dog. He’s been a real comfort to me as a survivor who knows no one in my new location.  His name is Cotton.

I re-homed a very elderly dog, Gizmo, knowing she couldn’t handle the shelter situations and weather impacts.  She’s been fortunate and was adopted through a vet and the SF senior dog rescue.  Her new home /people are wonderful and have sent video’s of her playing /thriving in her new home which greatly helped my heart.

Murphy is a little town (much smaller than Paradise) – it’s in the south western corner of the state.  It’s beautiful here – quite cold now (well below freezing at night) but the little log cabin I rented is snug and comfortable.

I feel fortunate to have made the move – now struggling with the endless paperwork process/phone calls, etc.,  all this brought.  I could never have gotten this far without the kindness of so many folks who’ve helped me sort through the hows /why’s and given me aide in many ways.  I’m grateful to all who’ve been helping us get our lives back on track !