Camp Fire Survivor

Last summer I made plans to retire,
To enjoy the beauty of my home in Magalia.
Without warning it came, that ravenous fire.

Within three months, unknowing of it’s path and desire,
I left my home with my pets,
On an escape route that took me higher.

Local radio news said Paradise was burning,
When all communication ceased and traffic halted,
My fears became real as it was safety I was yearning.

I made it to Chico, later that day, to a dark smoky sky
With flames of red consuming the ridge.
It wasn’t over yet, that terrible day, so afraid I might die.

My home now gone. Incinerated beyond belief,
Has set me on a new path, to a new place,
to a new beginning much to my relief.

Through it all, my family, friends and strangers,
With love and support are helping me through this tragedy.
My pets, all in a better place, at least made it out of danger.

In a small Georgia town called Dallas, I now reside.
With rolling hills, beautiful trees and a chorus of birds.
My retirement mission now is to ‘enjoy the ride’.

I look to the future, a clear slate, a thin wire,
so much unknown, so much to learn.
Without warning it came, that ravenous fire.