I got up in the morning of nov 18 2018 visiting with my friend in magalia ca,  it was gloomy outside an the sky was red. I realized. There was a fire some where. Latter on about 10:00am noticed it was getting closer I started to get worried so I started packing a few things.  I had my dog with me wasn’t really sure what to do. I just knew I had to get out everyone around me started panicking I only had dirt bike not knowing how I was going to get my dog out if there were to be a evacuation. all I kept hearing was the fire was getting closer. around 5pm that day sheriff came in and said mandatory evacuation not knowing what to do or if my family in my residence at 3943 Hoffman Concow we’re safe or not I could not take my dog on my dirt bike so I had to let her go with a lady that had a truck she could go in. An I took my dirt bike headed out instead away from fire. I went towards fire going through Paradise. I was scared an could not believe what I was up against. everything was on fire, there was no way I was going to make it out I had to park my dirt bike at the Kmart parking lot an take the safe bus to. Nazrine church in Oroville CA I then ran in to my family, mom, sister, brother. Finding out that we lost everything at home among all the 5 dogs my mom had since puppy’s, along with my trailer an all of my belonging were gone still worried about my dog in Magalia California with this lady with a truck two weeks later I went back in to Magalia California went to the residence I was visiting. My dog was left behind, chained to a tree alive with little food an water taken care of by nearby residents that stayed behind to fight for their home against the camp fire 2018.

Author: Jessica