Burned out of our home after PG and E warned us THREE TIMES on Nov. 7th, our wedding anniversary, that they would turn off the power in the high windy conditions. We believed those DEVILS! They LIED! People died! The very next day.

17 days at the Travelodge in Yuba City.

37 days at the Comfort Inn in Marysville.

Then Jerry Brown said “This is the new normal, get used to it” and we said thats enough of California!

So we fled to Reno where we were married a long time ago.

I am 70, my wife is 65.

We are now in our 35th day in a hotel in Reno.

Still looking for a decent home to buy like the wonderful home we lost on Malibu Drive.

I loathe PG&E. I despise the California Democrat Legislature.

I hate Butte County and the Paradise Town Council.

So many stooges and idiots causing us to flee to another state.

Sometimes it feels like nobody cares…like when CHICO said NO to 250 modular homes for the burn victims! You asshats!

I just want to go home.

It still feels like we are in hell, so stressed, so full of anxiety, fear, anger, and hopelessness.

I do not feel that much is being done to help the 50,000 people who had to flee for their lives.

Where is all the donated millions going? Whay are people kicked out of the Red Cross shelters? Why did 86 people die with NO WARNING?

This is a human tragedy that no one saw coming, no one was prepared for, and most of us are still struggling just to find a place to live.

I hope somebody IMPORTANT reads this and begins reaching out intelligently to help all of us because all I see so far is a lot of STOOOOOPID!