Rushed out of Paradise like everyone else on the 8th. Thru drone pictures and property check, realized that my mobile home survived, although 90% of park destroyed! Went to various govt. agencies for help. SADLY lots of misinformation, but kept at it and achieved what was available. Also had insurance. Received initial help okay, but adjuster threatened to cut my ALE off, since my home survived. Argued time and time again couldn’t live there since there was no utilities and the park wasn’t cleared of debris. After notice from State Board of House and Community Development and letter from property manager, problem was solved. Still need to go forward month to month.

Points are many. One make sure you received copy of insurance policy. Read what concerns you and what the adjuster is doing. If he isn’t doing it right, let him know. If too hard for you to understand have friend help you or your insurance agent you bought policy from. Continued problems from adjuster? Demand to speak to someone else. Keep all paperwork that helps you, and send copies to adjuster.

Mobile home parks are different than single home residencies. Get any relevant info from park manager or owners. Big issue is whether park will continue to operate in future. Looks like if not, and you can’t live there, home may not be compensated for.

Use your camera or phone to  take picture of problems that exist and that haven’t been addressed by insurance. Make sure that these are identifiable problems that can be addressed.  Send all pictures to claim adjuster.

Lets hope that all this is confusion and something not more sinister. A lawsuit against insurance company may be possible!

If you lose compensation from insurance, re-apply to FEMA. You are probably eligible now for help, regardless of previous denial.

Don’t lose hope, just keeping working on it to receive what is rightfully yours. In the long run, good idea to join PGE lawsuit to help cover all losses.