I learned about the fire from seeing the smoke at 7:30am.  I was on my way to get some lab tests done at the draw station behind the post office in Magalia, when I saw the smoke. I just knew this one was way different, something inside me just knew it would be bad.  I don’t know why I did the things I did that day, its like something else took over in me and I was calm which is not my normal way. Normally I get very panicked but that day I was not.  I drove to the hardware store which had not yet opened and banged on the door and told them to get out and go to Butte Meadows.  Then I drove to Rite Aid and said the same thing. Finally I went to the draw station and told them they better leave now and to go towards Butte Meadows.  After that I went home and quickly grabbed my elderly sister, wheel chair, husband and some essential items like prescriptions, important docs that were ready to go by the door and my go bag, laptop and pc unit, leaving the wires and printer and monitor behind.  It took us about 5 hours to travel to Chico.  Over an hour into the long wait in the heading towards Butte Meadows my husband looked back in his rear view mirror and became very concerned. He asked me should we turn around? I paused and prayed then said, no, stay the course.  Later we got a call while still stuck in traffic from our son who was trapped in town.  He said Ma its not looking good. I’m not sure how this will turn out so I want you to know I love you and Dad, again something in me took over and said Boy  you just pray.  When we finally got to Chico we could see the flames trying to peek over the mountain on 32. It was then that my phone rang again and it was my son saying he got out.  I didn’t cry for months.  We went from family house to friends house staying a week here and there until we made the decision to leave CA behind us, knowing we would not find a place to rent.  We didn’t just lose our home that day we lost our sense of belonging, our community and way of life.