A little after 7 am the morning of Nov. 8th, I turn on my Computer go to Facebook see a message from Butte County WX. Says there’s a fire down on Camp Creek Road. I live 3.5 miles above Pulga and Camp Creek Road so I start getting dressed to go look at it. My place is in a hole behind a mountain so I have to go a couple of miles to see anything. Just as I start out the door my phone rings it’s my buddy JT from Paradise he’d just seen it on the news so he’s calling to warn me. I tell him I’m just leaving to look at it and I’ll call him back. Get down the road expecting to see a little smoke but instead, I see this a raging inferno. I’m kinda stunned by what I see, I stop and take this picture. Then Drive down a little to where I can see down Flea Creek Canyon directly above Pulga. Then what I see is even worse, a giant blow torch heading down into Concow. I take a couple of pictures then think everyone in Concow is going to be incinerated. I live in a remote area and there’s no cell service I have Hughesnet internet and phone so I race back home to call friends in Concow. First person I call Peggy Moak answers and she’s already frantic I realize I’m too late, try calling some others but no one else answers. I post on the Concow Yankee Hill Community page on Facebook Evacuate Now. At that point, I don’t know what to do it looked like the fire was blowing by me so I go back down to see. The fires is slowing creeping my way also. It’s up on Flea Mountain now, it’s not like what was coming into Concow more like a normal fire coming my way. I’m hoping that the roads will hold it. By now it’s about 8:45 I go back home and call my friend JT back in Paradise. He answers and says “Guess where I am” I just say Where “I’m in a field holding on to my wife’s horses watching my house burn down” I say “Bullshit no fire can go that fast” I was wrong . For the next two weeks I had fire slowly creeping around me. The next day Cal Fire showed up and set up a fire base 1 1/2 down the road from me . I live on upper Concow Road and the fire was burning up the side of the road. So far the fire stayed on the far side of the road from me but it was getting close. It got with in 500 feet of the corner of my property then the wind blew it back and it continued down the side of the P-line towards the West Branch . But about a mile down the road it jumped the road and got on the mountain behind me that is covered with Tan Oak. It started raging Cal Fire Came and woke me at 2 am to warn me. The sky behind me was glowing red Cal Fire said they didn’t have anyone to put on it and I should think about leaving. So I gathered up my 3 Kitties and was going to take them down to Concow and come back with my friend’s big truck and get some of my stuff. I get to Concow and Rim road at 4 am there’s a Sheriff there and he won’t let me into Concow tells me it’s a danger zone I tell him there’s no danger there they fires behind my place and I want to get my pets to safety and come back with a truck. He won’t let me down so I just get back and I’m going to drive down anyway. He stands in front of me with his hand on his gun. So I give up and go back to the Cal Firebase and tell them. The Dozer boss says after the morning briefing he can get an operator and a Dozer and he will come and help me. The Dozer comes and cuts fire line around my place then a big break up above where the fire would come. We spent most of the morning doing this and he tells me as soon as they get more equipment free they will be back. That night I had 8 Dozers come through my place cut open an old road going out the back. They got up to the fire cut line around it even had hose line and rainbirds going. This all took awhile it was 6 days into the fire now . Then I found out the fire was also burning up the Feather River Canyon and now was raging to the east of me. They were able to put in more fire line and contain that but by now I had fires on 3 sides of me. I was hoping for rain then on the 22 nd it poured and put the fire out. Now my next problem was food and gas I was going to go shopping and get gas on the day of the fire so I was low on supplies and if I left they wouldn’t let me back in again. I got bag lunches from the fire crews and had two friends bring me stuff . One worked for the Forest service and got assigned to the fire he brought me 200 dollars worth of groceries then another friend came in through Butte Meadows over to Philbrook then down to me with 35 gallons of gas. I don’t think anyone had fire around them for 2 weeks like me but was lucky enough to make it unscathed.

Author: Howard

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