After a series of changes I bought a little trailer and my friends graciously let me live there for 9 years. Living close to Lime Saddle Marina was great because I worked there off and on. I had moved to Paradise in 1975 so I was in Love with the area. November 8, 2018 I woke up early missing my dog who died 4 months before the fire. I took a photo of the cloud which was the smoke flume in Pulga. Then I heard the sirens going up Highway 70. I continued to get ready to go pet sit down by Butte Valley. Driving by the CHP in the road I said I have my I.D. I only live by the bridge. He yelled” you won’t be allowed back in”! I zoomed down the road feeling a panic attack but arrived at the corner store on Clark and Pentz Durham. I ran in and told them this is big! 8am. I’m helping my pet owner person pack up the cats and get ready in CASE! When the propane tanks were heard exploding up Clark Road past the airport and the sky had black purple clouds we left. I drove a truck and left my car. I didn’t know until we drove 99 from Oroville to Chico that Paradise was all burning up. Two weeks later I heard about my area from the landowner/best friend. Just a little trailer clean, comfy and organized. I had all the photographs in a huge suitcase. I was ready to always evacuate since 2008 and the other fires. I really had no idea the fire would reach us. Feeling for all.💦🥀